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At forty-six, Bobbie Weiner found herself divorced and penniless, and something that was even worse-identity-less. On a whim, she enrolled in makeup school and soon found herself applying gory special effects makeup to the actors on Hollywood sets. Her work on the horror film Pumpkinhead II earned her the nickname "Bloody Mary," which would become her new identity. After she helped create the dead, frozen corpses in the Oscar-winning film Titanic, her life would never be the same. With just an idea and a hunch-and no financial help from a single bank in the world, since none of them would give her a loan-she launched her line of Sports Fan Face Paint and sold it to colleges around the country. The US Department of Defense took notice and hired Bobbie to develop camouflage face paint for soldiers. Each success led to another, and today she supplies face paint to hundreds of major sporting events, militaries around the world, the movie industry, and the haunt industry. Throughout her career, Bobbie's entrepreneurial spirit, her passion, her persistence, and her willingness to make sacrifices have helped her turn a bad break into a prosperous life. I Can Do This tells the story of how Bobbie turned her "Bloody Mary" nickname into a multimillion-dollar business.



I Can Do This Book

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