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Bobbie Weiner aka Bloody Mary



Bobbie Weiner, internationally known makeup artist and master of transformation is the owner of Bobbie Weiner Enterprises LLC, a product development company she started 27 years ago in a garage in San Diego, CA. after finishing the Special Effects makeup for the dead, frozen, floating actors in James Cameron’s hit film, “Titanic”.

The US Department of Defense recognizes Bobbie as their #1 supplier of Camouflage Face Paint for our Military in which Bobbie has received Gold Medals. Bobbie was approached by the Hunting Industry and they get the same face paint that she supplies the US Military. Bobbie developed a line of Sports Fan custom color makeup for fans to paint their faces when they go to Sporting Events to show their team spirit. These face paint kits sell in Colleges, High Schools and Major League programs. In 1999 Bobbie developed a line of Halloween Special Effects Makeup she named “Bloody Mary” that sells all over the world.

Bobbie has been written up in national and international magazines and newspapers. She has been featured on CNN and Entertainment Tonight. Bobbie continues to be in great demand for her famous Bloody Mary “Makeup to Die For” Workshops and “Motivational/ Inspirational Seminars.” In 2000 she was asked to be the key note speaker for the 7-11 International Convention which has led her to inspirational speaking engagements and lectures for all types of events including Conventions, Corporations, Women's Conferences and Colleges.

In February 2005 “The Tales of Bloody Mary” Comic Books, created by Bobbie, hit the shelves. As of June, 2005, Bobbie started licensing the brand name out, “Bloody Mary”. You can even buy Bloody Mary Hot Sauce and Bloody Mary’s “Bloody Mary Mix” today which was quickly nominated for the “Best Hot Sauce Label” after it was out on the shelves for just 2 weeks. “The Tales of Bloody Mary” cover of her first comic book won “First Place” for the Best Horror Poster by the National Haunters Convention in 2010.

In 2008 Bobbie licensed her brand name to Universal Studios Orlando where Bloody Mary was their attraction at Halloween Horror Nights. Bobbie’s Haunted House, “Bloody Mary’s Circus Of Fear” (which is from her 5th Comic Book) was licensed to Six Flags Over Texas and was featured there for 4 years. All proceeds from Bobbie’s Haunt went to The Boy Scouts of America. In 2011 Bobbie was featured on the home page of Yahoo by Fortune Magazine. The same year Bobbie made a deal with Yum Corp. She developed a Sports Fan Face Paint Kit and Contest for the Minnesota Vikings and the kits were sold in Taco Bell, Pizza Hut. In 2014 “Bloody Mary’s Revenge Haunted House” made its debut in Cleveland, OH at Spooky Ranch Halloween Theme Park. In 2016 Bobbie licensed Bloody Mary to Highland Farms in Rhode Island for Bloody Mary’s Trails Of Terror.

Bobbie has been featured on “One in a Million” “Big Idea”, The Donny Deutsch Show in September of 2008. Mark Burnett and Joan Rivers featured Bobbie in 2009 in a new TV show he developed about her and how she started her business, “How’d You Get So Rich”. Bobbie was featured on the cover of Millionaire Blueprints Magazine in 2008, “Bobbie Turned a Nickname into a Multi million-Dollar Brand”. In 2012 Bloody Mary’s makeup line was featured on the TV Show 30 Rock and Sons of Anarchy. In June 2013, Bloody Mary’s Makeup and Bloody Mary’s Bloody Mary Mix was presented and promoted in the mega hit TV show, “TrueBlood” and in their new “How to Throw a True Blood Party” Kit. In October of 2013 Bobbie’s line of Zombie Makeup is featured in all 3 books, “The Walking Dead” Fan Guide for Zombie Styles. On Sept 6th 2019 Fear on the Farm, Winfield WV, will be opening The Bloody Mary Caverns Haunted House.

NAWBO (National Assoc. Of Women Business Owners) honored Bobbie June 19th 2014 placing her in the Hall Of Fame in Dallas,Texas. The Huffington Post featured Bobbie in February 2016. Bobbie is now a sponsor of The Puppy Rescue Mission to help soldiers bring their war buddies home. In 2018 The New York Times Sunday Magazine featured Bobbie “The Business of Blending In”.

Bobbie is now written up in College Text Books and they compare her with Sam Walton. You can read more about Bobbie at . You can book Bobbie as a keynote speaker, to give makeup demos and more! Bobbie’s autobiography, “I Can Do This”, The Bloody Mary Story, is available now on Amazon.

All of Bobbie's product lines are made in the USA (305) 893-5650


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