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Bloody Mary's Demon Clown Kit


  • Red, White and Black Tri-Color Cream Wheel
  • Grey and White Setting Powder
  • F/X Ghoul Drool (Edible F/X Blood)
  • Clown Nose and Fangs
  • 8 Piece Makeup Brushes, Makeup Stipple Brushes and Makeup Sponges


Bloody Mary’s Demon Clown Kit The ULTIMATE fully detailed Demon Clown Makeup kit Our Demon Clown Kit includes: Red, White, and Black Tri-Color Cream Wheel, Grey and White Setting Powder, F/X Ghoul Drool (Edible F/X Blood), Clown Nose, Fangs, 8 Piece Makeup Brushes, Makeup Stipple Brushes, and Makeup Sponges. Comes in a clear zippered make-up case and an exclusive Bloody Mary key chain


Perfect Halloween or Theatrical makeup kit.

Demon Clown Kit

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