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This unique Kit comes in a Tackle Box for easy carrying and storage. This Makeup Kit has all you need to create the same Monsters you have seen Bloody Mary create over the years at her famous "Makeup to Die for Workshops". There is a Bloody Mary "How To" Makeup Book included, and all of these wonderful products carefully selected by Bloody Mary to do your thing! Kit includes, 10 "Makeup To Die For" Foundation Wheels, Black Lipstick, Black Nail Polish, 2 Setting Powders, White Heat, 2 Eye Shadows, F/X Blood, Fangs, Blood Caps, Makeup Crayons, Spirit Gum, Ice Powder, Mummy Makeup, Jumbo Sponges, Prosthetic Wounds and Brush kit. Enough for 125 plus shocking F/X faces.

The Ultimate Bloody Mary Monster Kit In A Tool Box

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